Xbox CEO Phil Spencer confirmed that Steam Deck will be able to run Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service. xCloud is the abbreviation of Xbox Cloud Gaming. Microsoft’s xCloud currently provides a beta version in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, providing more than one hundred console games on the PC via the Internet without the need for console-level hardware. Spencer did not say how this will work, but considering that Steam Deck is essentially a mini PC, it is not far-fetched at all. But what remains to be seen is whether xCloud will run on Steam Deck’s custom Linux operating system, or whether you need to install Microsoft Windows first.

“used to be [at Valve] Talk this week [with chief operating officer] Scott [Lynch], [longtime executive] Eric [Johnson], [and co-founder and president] Gabe [Newell] About Steam Deck,” Spencer Tweet Friday in the United States. “After using most of my week, I can say that this is a very good device. Play games anytime, anywhere, the screen size and control are great. Play halo and age [of Empires] It feels good, xCloud works well.Congratulations [to the Steam Deck] team. “

Microsoft’s xCloud became the first game streaming service officially confirmed to support the upcoming Steam platform. It is available for pre-order now and shipments will begin in December. This also expands the capabilities of Steam Deck, which would otherwise be limited by its hardware potential. Steam Deck’s xCloud support will enable it to run more demanding games, such as the upcoming Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5. It is too early to say whether xCloud will provide 60fps on Steam Deck, which usually targets a high-definition resolution of 30fps-its 7-inch touch screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800.

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The Steam Deck can also output 4K through any HDMI to USB-C adapter or an official Valve made dock (only purchased separately after the Steam Deck is released). But this does not help, because xCloud is limited to 1080p games anyway. After Microsoft will transfer the xCloud infrastructure from Xbox One S to Xbox Series X in 2021, it will be able to unlock 4K features, but it is not clear when it will start to provide 4K game streaming support for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

The Steam Deck starts at US$399 (approximately 29,600 rupees) in the United States, 349 pounds (approximately 35,850 rupees) in the United Kingdom, and 419 euros (approximately 36,630 rupees) in Europe. You can’t buy it in India. Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently available through apps for Android and Windows 10 and browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari) on iPhone, iPad and Windows 10. It is not available in India.