Invalid Perfmatters plugin Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions.This Ineffective performance Plugins are web performance geeks to speed up your website.

Demo Perfmatters WordPress plugin

Perfmatters WordPress plugin features

  • Disable emoji
  • Disable embedding
  • Delete query string
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Remove jQuery migration
  • Delete WordPress number
  • Delete wlwmanifest link
  • Delete RSD link
  • Delete short link
  • Disable RSS feeds
  • Delete RSS feed link
  • Remove Dashicon
  • Disable scripts per page/post
  • Use regular expressions to disable scripts
  • CDN rewrite
  • Disable password strength meter
  • Add a blank icon
  • Disable Google
  • Add code to the header or footer
  • Disable self-pingback
  • Disable WordPress Heartbeat API
  • Change the heartbeat API frequency
  • Disable and restrict later revisions
  • Disable REST API
  • Delete REST API link
  • Change the automatic save interval
  • DNS prefetch
  • Pre-connect
  • Disable WooCommerce scripts and styles
  • Disable WooCommerce widgets
  • Disable WooCommerce status meta box
  • Disable WooCommerce shopping cart fragment (AJAX)
  • Disable Google Maps API
  • Multi-site support
  • Change WordPress login URL
  • Local analysis
  • Disable WordPress comments
  • Enable lazy loading

Download Perfmatters WordPress plugin

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Download Perfmatters WordPress plugin

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