BHOPAL: Congress leader Digvijay SinghBangalore's detention of the police was an "dictatorship and Hitler Shahi" demonstrated by Israelis. Japanese People's PartyChief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath Speaking here on Wednesday.

Singh protested this morning near a resort in Bangalore, and the rebel of the Madhya Pradesh Parliament stayed, asking him to be allowed to them.

Singh, detained by police, accused the 's of abducting the People's Liberation Army and said he would conduct a "hunger strike."

In this regard, Nas said that if necessary, he will also go to the of Karnataka.

"Prevention of Congress Rajya Sabha Candidates and other ministers did not meet with the MLA, misconducted with them, and forced detention was entirely dictatorship and Hitler Shahi (sic). "Nate said on Twitter.

"The whole country is watching how democratically elected governments are becoming unstable and the People's Party is murdering democratic values," Nass said.

The chief minister tweeted: "Why don't they allow them to meet MLA. What BJP is worried about. BJP is playing a dirty game in the state."

Nas demanded the immediate release of detained congressional leaders, saying that democratic norms and constitutional values ​​were being strangled.

CM then told reporters: "Why is BJP afraid to propose 16 MLAs here (Bhopal)? What problems would a person (Singh) meet with 16 lawmakers?"

Nas reiterated that in the last 15 months since he took office, his government has demonstrated a majority in the House of Representatives.

State Council legislature amidst political uncertainty in Madhya Pradesh Party On Tuesday, the Supreme Court handed over instructions to the center, and the Karnataka government, led by the People's Party, granted it channels to communicate with the insurgent MLA remaining in Bangalore.

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The Supreme Court also directed the Kamal Nath government to respond to calls from senior BJP leaders by Wednesday Shivraj Singh Chouhan Seek the assembly to conduct on-site testing immediately.