LG seems to be developing a rollable notebook computer that can reach 17 inches in size. Although the South Korean company has not officially announced it, a patent application for a curlable notebook computer has appeared online. The laptop also seems to have a foldable keyboard and touchpad to enhance portability. LG is one of the main manufacturers developing rollable displays for some time. However, companies including Oppo and TCL are also trying to use scrollable displays to make next- smart phones.

According to reports from Root My Galaxy, LG’s rollable laptop patent appears to have a display that can be expanded from 13.3 inches to 17 inches. When expanded, it appears as a soundbar. Similarly, there is a power button on the side of the laptop, is different from a regular laptop with a power button beside the keyboard.

This rollable laptop also seems to hide the webcam when scrolling, and comes with a tick display drum that can stand on its own-without any brackets or support for connecting the keyboard.

LG’s rollable laptop appears to be equipped with a foldable keyboard and touchpad
Photo Credit: Root My Galaxy

LG also seems to provide a keyboard and touchpad that can be folded in half on a foldable laptop. Nevertheless, the given input is considered to have a standard size to simplify user use.

LG has not confirmed the details about the curlable laptop. It is very likely that the patent is only related to the and not to the commercial product.

In other words, LG demonstrated its ability to build 18-inch rollable OLED displays at 2016. The company also released its 65-inch UHD OLED display in January. This development helped to roll out rollable OLED TVs last year.

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LG is also developing its rollable amidst rumors, which will be available sometime next year. It is said that this rollable smart phone is already in the plan, -named “Project B”, although it can be called LG Rollable. Earlier this week, Oppo also launched the Oppo X 2021 concept phone with a rollable OLED display.

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