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Registration Pokémon sword and shieldThe February 2020 International Challenge is now open, and the only Ball Guy fan will definitely participate.

This online competition will invite trainers from around the world to fight according to the same rules as the official series of the 2020 Pokémon Video Game Championship. If you Link your Pokémon Trainer Club account to your Nintendo account, You can actually earn points for these official World Championship qualifications.

For those who are not too keen to compete on the big stage, this event is still worth a try. Everyone who signs up for the event and completes at least one battle will receive an in-game T-shirt based on Ball Guy, a monster found in the Galar area.

Ball men's shirtPicture from Serebii

Registration is from now until 3:59 pm PST on Thursday, February 27th. The battle will use the "dual combat" format, although only Pokémon caught in the Galar area will be eligible to compete.

We still don't know Ball Guy.

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