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Pharmapack is Europe’s leading pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery center. The event perfectly combines exhibition halls, semi-scientific conferences, and innovative dedicated spotlights, allowing you to focus on network and information collection to help you drive business development.

Pharmapack understands the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on startups and is determined to promote discussions and innovative partnerships. Therefore, the 2021 booth package for participating companies will give you the opportunity to stand out from this global crisis.

The Pharmapack 2021 event will be held at the Paris Expo of Versailles from January 27 to 28.

Why join Pharmapack Europe

If you are a startup company developing innovative drug packaging or drug delivery solutions, Pharmapack start center Promote your business and effectively develop your network. Pharmapack will conduct a detailed analysis when selecting participating companies to ensure that visitors and participating companies can find valuable resources.

In addition to the main goal of this event, which is to generate and maintain meaningful connections and networks, it also provides startups with:

  • contact For a global audience
  • Powerful platform Show your innovation
  • A platform Push your startup to industry-leading experts & decision maker
  • Conferences and seminars Expand your knowledge
  • Numerous opportunities One-to-one network With experts and peers

Who is a member of the advisory board of the startup center

Pharmapack brings together executives, managers and technicians from the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Industry-leading experts listened to the voice of startups and held seminars at the event.

“The most interesting startups are those that provide targeted solutions or improvements that correspond to understood problems in the pharmaceutical industry or patient needs. In the field of pharmaceutical packaging or medical equipment, startups and pharmaceutical laboratories The partnership between the companies usually requires that the start-ups have specific know-how or certain intellectual property rights, and also requires industrial partners with global visibility to implement the solution,” said Lionel Jeannin, a researcher at the Equipment and Packaging Development Department. Novartis

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The industry experts forming the advisory committee of the start-up center include:

  • David Braun is the global head of connected health and medical device business solutions Merck Medical
  • David Dronneau is the head of technology, innovation, processes and solutions for Clinical Supplies R&D, Sanofi
  • Lionel Jeannin is a researcher at Device & Packaging Development, Novartis
  • Dr. Joël Richard is the Chief Development Officer of the drug development business, Medincell
  • Dr. Yves Tillet is Cabinet White Toilet
  • Franck Lescure is a partner responsible for life science investment Elijah Partners

Who should apply for a booth

Pharmapack Europe 2021 provides specialized areas for startups and companies that develop and expand new technologies in the following areas: Medicine package, Labeling, Design of drug delivery devicewith Engineering proteing, including:

  • Packaging Materials
  • Drug Delivery
  • Sustainable materials and systems
  • Pre-filled syringe
  • Combination device
  • Connected device
  • Cloud computing and big data
  • Automated packaging machinery and systems
  • Veterinary packaging, including delivery devices and dosage systems
  • Serialization and tracking solutions
  • Cold chain storage and logistics
  • Printing, labeling or coding

All start-ups are encouraged to participate in this event to exchange and propose ideas, but exhibiting companies usually show commercial solutions.

Who visited Pharmapack Europe in 2020

Since its establishment in 1997, Pharmapack has been one of the main meeting places in the pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery industry. Its unique concept is growing every year, attracting key industry players from all over the world.

In 2020, Pharmapack received more than 5,000 visitors from 69 countries. The exhibition witnessed more than 400 companies showcasing their innovations, including nearly 450 representatives. Participants included multiple C-Suite executives, managers with or without employees, technicians, scientists and analysts.

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