Summer is officially here, it’s time to break the monotony of the four walls and catch the cool breeze on the open road. An exciting way to achieve this goal is A camper. Whether you plan to go to one of them Many wonderful national parks Take an epic off-road trip in the United States, or spend a weekend in the nearby forest or hills, these campervan rental companies may help you get out of the house and drive on the road.


Pickup location: Oceanside, California

VanCraft was initiated by Nathan Doody and Derek Mason in San Diego, California to provide a full range of services for long-term and long-term work Short wheelbase sprinter Campervan rental options. Both are completely self-sufficient on solar energy. The long-wheelbase model can accommodate up to 6 people, while the short-wheelbase model can accommodate up to 4 people. The rental package includes unlimited mileage, cooking utensils, bedding kits, camping equipment (including camping chairs, outdoor carpets, spades, shower mats and first aid kits); if the weather is cool, sleeping bags are available on request. A rooftop tent is also provided. According to the size of the campervan and the length of the trip, there are four price ranges, ranging from $159 to $199 per night.

Outdoor activities

Pick up location: nationwide

Founded in 2014 by Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young, Outdoor activities Known as the “Airbnb of RV Rentals”, it offers 11 types of campers in two categories: towable and driveable. This peer-to-peer has established a vast market, allowing you to rent campers, trailers, fifth-wheelers and motorhomes from almost anywhere in the United States. One advantage of Outdoorsy is that certain rents offer discounts for weekly and monthly rents. Properly equipped van with roof tent, for example The humble 2016 Ford Transit ConnectAs low as $90 per night. Browsing Outdoorsy’s of campers, we found some interesting options, including 2019 Hymer Active 1.0 Loft, One 2015 Winnebago Travato 59Gwith 2019 Winnebago Revel Sprinter 4×4.

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Escape campervan

Pick-up location: some cities in the United States and Canada

Launched in 2009 by New Zealander and surfer Rob Mewton (Rob Mewton), Escape campervan It has an inventory of more than 600 trucks, each of which was individually hand-painted by a local artist. Three of Escape’s van-based models include “Big Sur” (Ford Transit 350), “Mavericks” (Ford E-150) and “Santa Cruz” (Ford Transit Connect). The Big Sur camper can accommodate up to 5 people and features a convertible queen-size bed, a kitchenette with a pull-out stove and refrigerator, and an optional roof sleeper. Prices vary according to destination and duration; a 14-day rental of the Big Sur van from Los Angeles to Seattle, Washington is $95 per day.

Camper Cartel

Pick up location: Topanga, California

On a more advanced level, Camper Cartel Rented two Ford Transit Camper They are neatly dressed and equipped with essential daily necessities. The two types of campervans currently available are the “California Classic” at $350 per day and the “Topanga Tourister” at $275 per day. In the June-October season, rent increases slightly, and the minimum rent is three days. These vans convey a luxurious and sturdy personality, with a beautiful interior that allows two people to sleep comfortably. All Equipped with solar, With a full set of camping equipment, and most importantly, unlimited travel. Camper Cartel also donates one percent of the proceeds from each trip to charity.

Aboriginals of Campvance

Pickup location: Denver, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas

Rent per time Aboriginals of Campvance Including 100 miles of free nights per night, standard insurance coverage, you can add other drivers to your reservation for free. Kitchen equipment, camping furniture and bedding are also included. The Campervans natives showed an interesting side with the nickname of their four-box lineup, all in hip-hop style. Our favorite is “The OG” (original gangster). OG is a 2015 caravan that can accommodate two people and is the most affordable rental option. However, please note that this is a minimum stay of three nights and requires a cleaning fee of USD 60, a booking fee of USD 300 (to be credited to your balance later) and a security deposit of USD 1,000.

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You can also check other cool campervan rental companies:

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