CEO said in his latest forum post that the public of 11 will be launched soon. Just like China’s Hydrogen OS 11, OxygenOS 11 will also be based on Android 11. Lau said that OnePlus is working hard to release a preview version of OxygenOS 11 for the final developer. The preview version will be released on 10, and clear major bugs discovered by professional developers. For everyone who wants to try it before the stable update is released, an beta version will be launched. This is a few days after OnePlus confirmed that it will announce Hydrogen OS 11 on August 10.

OxygenOS is software that runs on OnePlus devices outside of China, while HydrogenOS is only available in the Chinese . Lau attended the forum to confirm that the final developer preview of OxygenOS 11 will be released on August 10. He said that after thorough testing and elimination of errors, the open beta will be released to all users. Lau did not provide any timetable for the public Beta launch, but this means that we are not far away from the stable launch of OxygenOS 11 OnePlus to update to the Android 11-based interface.

Lau said what OxygenOS 11 will bring. He said OnePlus will “introduce some new design elements and some highly anticipated features.” He said these new features are based on their Open Ears forum and IDEAS platform launched earlier this year. Direct feedback on

He added that even though there may be obvious adjustments, the core of the OxygenOS design will remain the same. It will still provide “super smooth performance, concise user interface, lightweight features and a large number of custom features.”

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As for HydrogenOS 11, OnePlus confirmed that it will release new software based on Android 11 at 2 pm local time on August 10 (11:30 am Eastern Standard Time). It should detail the new features that may be available in the next major software update, will provide us with hints about the possibility of OxygenOS 11.

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