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Pokémon trading card games seem to be as popular as ever-in fact, First Pokémon sword and shield expansion A game launched just a few weeks ago-players are snapping up their cards frantically.

According to data provided by eBay to Nintendo Life, there were 19 million searches for “ Pokémon & # 39; & # 39; '' in 2019, resulting in more than 500,000 transaction cards sold at the time. According to eBay sales data from January 2016 to February 2020, the top five most expensive cards are also listed ["PSA" refers to a scoring system, of which ten are best]:

Top 5 most expensive Pokémon trading cards:

1. "Pokémon" Ultimate Charizard Series, PSA10 / 9, First Edition-$ 18,500
2. 2005 Umbreon Play Promotion Venus Holo, PSA10 Gem Mint -$ 15,000
3. The first version of Shadowless Chariot, PSA9 / 10 -$ 14,500
4. In 1999, the first version of the Pokémon game holographic salamander [4/102]-$ 14,000
5.Pikachu Japan 20th Anniversary 24k Gold Pikachu Promotion Card Giza Tanaka- $ 12,500

In other eBay reports, based sales, the top five most popular characters are Pikachu, Charlize, Eve, Miwater and Snorax, and Pokémon Sun and Moon It's still the most purchased Pokémon game the site since 2016.

Back to the card, the most popular of the recent trading card is Pokémon XY: Breakpoint, which has been at the top of the list since release in 2016.

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