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Driverless car technology has the potential to change the industry-in fact, already has. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden Einlid Over $ 32 million has been raised for the freight system (automated transportation of logs, containers and other cargo). For its part, Alphabet's Waymo A leader in the market segment, the company has deployed a commercial robotic taxi in Phoenix, Arizona.

As for Transcendence, Formerly known as Azevtec (Autonomous, Zero Emission Vehicle Technology), hopes to do Waymo for ride-hailing services for yard trucks and Einride for trucks. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Golden, Colorado, the company's goal is to automate vehicle movement in freight hubs to reduce costs and increase safety. Today, it has emerged from the stealth, with $ 53 million in seed funding led by NEA and A Series funding led by 8VC. Outrider also revealed that it is conducting pilot tests with four Fortune 200 companies and Georgia Pacific, one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of toilet paper, pulp, and paper.

Logistics yards provide a well-defined environment and a series of discrete, repetitive tasks, which are ideal use cases for automation technology. But today's yards are also complex, often chaotic environments, with many manual tasks. This is why a systematic approach must be taken to automate every major task in the yard. Founder and CEO Andrew Smith. "Modern distribution yards are not only automatic, but also electric. Electric yard trucks are easier to operate and maintain than diesel trucks. Our mission is to work with customers and suppliers to quickly phase out more than 50,000 diesel-contaminated yard trucks currently operating in logistics centers across the United States. "

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Outrider itself does not own or operate a vehicle-instead, provides remote monitoring of a fleet of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for customer-owned fully-automated and semi-automated freight and transportation fleets and a group of technicians. Its stack handles autonomous distribution yard operations at logistics centers (eg, distribution centers, warehouses, and rail yards). Usually, this involves moving the trailer back and forth around the yard and connecting it to the loading dock, attaching and detaching the trailer, connecting and disconnecting the trailer brake line, and monitoring the trailer location.

Outrider claims that computer vision-based vehicles orchestrated by its software are capable of achieving Level 4 autonomous driving, a mode that the Institute of Automotive Engineers has defined as fully autonomous in most cases, not only exceeding efficiency and safety standards, but not only Stringent and environmental standards. The details are a bit vague, but Outrider says its three-way system (including the engine, the yard truck and site infrastructure described above) can be used with many supply chain software already used by large enterprises.

Outrider is addressing a market that is almost unparalleled in terms of shipments. In 2013, in the United States alone, the value of goods shipped as cargo was at approximately $ 50 billion per day. The self-driving truck market is expected to reach 6,700 vehicles worldwide after a total of US $ 54.23 billion in 2019, which will save the logistics and shipping industry US $ 70 billion annually while increasing productivity by 30%.

In addition to cost savings, part of the increase is due to a lack of human factors. Although the U.S. Department of Transportation proposes screening for sleep apnea, in 2018, the American Association estimates that more than 50,000 truck drivers will still be needed to fill the U.S. gap.

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That is, Outrider is in TuSimple, Xos (formerly Thor Trucks), Pronto.ai and Aurora, the last batch attracted in February 2019 $ 530 million The investment is worth more than $ 2 billion. and also AikeA self-driving truck startup founded by former Apple, Google and Uber Advanced Technologies Group engineers and Kozak Robotics, co-founded by Paz Eshel and former Uber and Otto engineer Don Burnette. Not to mention Embark, which integrates unmanned systems into Semis, and works with Amazon to transport cargo by pilots, or automated truck solutions from established companies such as Daimler and Volvo.

But Outrider has bet on its overall solution-its team has 75 employees, 50 of which are from Nvidia, Tesla, iRobot, Lockheed Martin, GM's Cruise Automation, U.S. Armed Forces, Carnegie Mellon, Engineers at Georgia Tech, Purdue University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University-set apart.

Jake Medwell, founding partner of 8VC, said: "Outsourcing companies are introducing the transformational technology required by large logistics-related companies to keep pace." "We consider hundreds of investment opportunities in logistics every year. .Our decision to be an early investor in Outrider is easy. Andrew's vision and plans for the industry are very attractive, and he mobilized an unparalleled team to execute. "

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