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What the the annual Cruise officially announced on Monday Everyone has long suspectedThe 26th edition was cancelled due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision to cancel this year’s event, scheduled for August 15, was decided by the Dream Cruise Board. This is a resolution (unofficially) adopted in several cities along the way with the M-1 route, urging the organizers to cancel the event, effectively ensuring that no licenses will be issued to suppliers or related events or entertainment events together with other cities According to reports, private companies Don’t lease their parking lot to cruisers. In April, the organizers of Dream Cruise canceled official events, such as Mustang Hutong and children’s play area, they have posted an announcement on top of it Official website Announced the cancellation of “all community activities” of the sleepwalking plan for 2020.

Michael Lary, president of the organization, said in a statement: “Although we are deeply saddened by the difficult decision to cancel the 26th annual Woodward Dream Cruise, we know that keeping everyone safe and Health is in the best interests of the public.” “We look forward to resuming our dream journey in 2021 and making it an unforgettable and safe experience for all.”

Having said that, few people have observed that this will have a major on the dreamboat lovers’ plans. As home restrictions in Michigan have been relaxed in recent weeks, as new COVID-19 cases and deaths have decreased, there have been several so-called “wildcat parades” along Woodward through the northern suburbs of Detroit.

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On a recent warm Saturday night in early June, a team of muscle cars, antiques and even Polaris slingshots killed Woodwardka, turning ordinary commuting into something similar to traffic jams before COVID. In the scenic spot, the sidewalk was full of people, looking at the scenery. In one area, a large parking lot with a closed restaurant was packed with parked cars, many of which were covered with hoods, and revelers, many of whom did not wear masks or follow social alienation recommendations.

Larry Tell Detroit news The previous decision to cancel auxiliary activities “may have cut the Woodward Dream Cruiser’s audience by half,” but the event often attracted an estimated 2 million people. As we mentioned earlier, the police cannot close the public access Woodward, and unless there is obvious damage, they usually do not interfere with the cruiser. traffic rules Or curfews set in some cities. Therefore, unfortunately, public health supporters may still have many concerns before August 15.

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