According to a study by , Ahmedabad is the number one city in India in terms of gamers. The mobile analytics company has published a of India’s top mobile gaming cities regarding the number of . Navi Mumbai and Vadodara ranked second and third respectively. It is worth noting that Ahmedabad and Mumbai are the only -tier cities among the top ten cities in the country. Opensignal said that due to the availability of affordable smartphones, the popularity of low-cost data, and the increase in bandwidth in the country, second- and third-tier cities are gaining a foothold on its list.

Opensignal analyzed the mobile experience of India’s 48 largest cities to obtain a list of the country’s top cities for mobile gaming experience. The list has a score of 0-100 and is used to measure “how users perceive real-time multiplayer mobile games on cellular networks”. The research considered popular multiplayer battle arena games such as “Call of Duty: Mobile”, “PUBG Mobile” and “Royal Royale”.

Ahmedabad (Ahmedab​​ad) topped the list with 71.7 points. The other top 10 cities include Navi Mumbai (70.1), Vadodara (69.8), Surat (68), and Bhopal ( 67.8), Mumbai (67.8), Gwalior (67.7), Indore (67.7), Thane (65.7) and Rajkot (64.3). Trivandrum ranked last with 47.9 points. The scores of other first-tier cities are as follows: Chennai (63.6), Hyderabad (63.1), Pune (61.5), Bangalore (61.3), Delhi (59.8) and Kolkata (57.2). Check out the complete list below:

Ahmedabad the list
Image source: Opensignal

Research points out that a good gaming experience depends on three key factors-User Datagram Protocol (UDP) delay, packet loss and jitter. UDP delay or packet delay can measure the responsiveness of the network connection to time-sensitive applications (such as games). Packet loss indicates the number of packets that never reach the destination. Jitter indicates a change in the arrival time of a packet. In order to get a better and smoother gaming experience, these three factors must all be high.

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