OnePlus is having a really bad year

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It has long been regarded as a trend-setting outsider. This company, established in late 2013, has gradually strengthened its mainstream gaming business in the past few years, greatly improving its retail position in major markets such as the United States, and Gradually abandoned the flagship killer product and adopted trendy character images.
From sales figures to good reviews of the company’s high-end products and its market visibility, 2019 is undoubtedly the best year in the brand’s history. of OnePlus 7 Pro, 7Twith 7T Pro Delicate to near perfect, looks like of Beating the instead of trying to beat it is like the situation between 2014 and 2018.
One plus It seems that everyone has grown up suddenly, preparing to participate in large leagues with Apple and Samsung’s flagship stores, rather than lurking in the shadows and catering to those who like to beat the weak. Of course, a swallow is not made in the summer, so in order to keep in line with the natural development of the brand, its new and logo should be consolidated in 2020. Unfortunately, at least so far this year, this has not been the case.

The mind of the weak is still alive

On paper, support 5G One plus 8 with 8 Pro Everything the company needs to prove, whether in the United States or in other countries of the world, should have a place on the big table.

The theoretical capabilities and gorgeous designs of these two companies certainly benefit from their real performance and user , which can be said to be more refined than ever, but although we are very lucky to enjoy this on our evaluation device, but For us, we cannot say too many regular consumers and potential buyers.

Although One plus 8 Pro made a technical more than two months ago, and a commercial release shortly thereafter, the company could not actually sell a large number of devices in the United States. Until early this week. Although the coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly the main reason for the lack of stocks, it is too late to interpret it as the only reasonable explanation that can be interpreted as an unforgivable defeat.
The whole process brings back some unpleasant memories of the company’s invitation system era. Although the problem has been largely solved, you still cannot buy the most affordable OnePlus 8 Pro Configure in the US through any official channel, whether it’s the manufacturer’s own electronic store or

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But this is not the only department where OnePlus has grown up. Initially, adding Verizon as an operator partner was seen as a huge leap, when Big Red rejected the 8 Pro and switched to the “regular” OnePlus8. If it sounds less important, imagine seeing Galaxy S20 Sold by the largest wireless service provider in the United States, excluding S20 Ultra. Now, this will not inspire Verizon’s confidence in Samsung’s ultra-high-end , will it?

is still time to reverse the situation (at least partly)

At the same time, like OnePlus Nord, Also known as OnePlus Z, also known as OnePlus 8 Lite, looks very much on paper… its upcoming product may only enhance the company’s disadvantage. This is because it seems that mid-range phones that support 5G will be mainly concentrated in the European and Asian markets. It is very likely that this phone will never be officially released in North America. Even so, this exotic name seems unlikely to resonate with the American audience.
Very similar Google’s Pixel 4a, According to reports, the “Nord by OnePlus” phone has been delayed several times in recent months, wasting a golden opportunity to compete directly with the second generation iPhone SE with Galaxy A51 It further proves that the company is not a mature technical force that cannot be ignored.

The inexplicable decision to keep the rope alive also highlights its weak mindset. Wireless bullet Headphone family. Yes, the brand’s first true wireless technology Earplugs Maybe it can finally be around the corner, but like Nord 5G devices, OnePlus pods They waste a lot of precious time and could have spent Apple’s dominant market share.
Fortunately, 2020 is far from over. Although it may be too late for OnePlus to show off its maturity and achieve continuous development at the end of the year, there is still basically time to return from six to nine months ago To the status of the company. To achieve this goal, 8T It must be at least as big as the 8 Pro, and more importantly, OnePlus needs to better control the supply chain at all costs.

After all, the pandemic may initially surprise the company, but because COVID-19 failed to solve any problems, it is up to the manufacturer and its partners to properly prepare for the next wave of product launches and avoid repeated embarrassing Inventory shortages and unpleasant delays. If OnePlus wants to challenge Samsung, it must find similar and effective solutions to solve the basically the same problems that everyone in the industry now faces. After six years of steady development, anything simpler than this is unacceptable.