OnePlus is rather mysterious about its mobile payment system, which it plans to launch sometime this year. The Chinese company about pay for the first time last year. OnePlus 7T Unveiled, but did not disclose any details at the time. OnePlus 7T Series, no other information was revealed about One Pay, so today's report is a bit surprising. Insiders said OnePlus Pay will go live in China this month and will be available in OnePlus 7T Series, Giz China Claim.

Of course, other OnePlus smartphones will be added to the support list in the coming months, but the 7T series will be the first smartphone to get support. Although OnePlus Pay will be launched in China first, mobile payment services will be launched in the United States and India.

For people living in China, OnePlus Pay only supports three banks after launch: Guangfa Bank, Minsheng Bank, and SPDB. Despite all the information displayed in the media, OnePlus still dismissive of the mobile payment service, so we just have to wait for the official announcement to see if there is any new news we didn't know about.

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