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OnePlus is about to launch its mid-range smartphone Nord. The device will be announced at the AR event. The OnePlus Nord launch event will today at 10 am EST / 7:30 pm EST today, July 21. This is how you watch the game.

1. Livestream on OnePlus website

The popular channel Unbox Therapy will broadcast OnePlus Nord AR live. To watch this live broadcast, users can click here.

OnePlus North

2. Use the OnePlus Nord AR app

Users can also download the OnePlus Nord AR app to experience AR for themselves.

• Download the OnePlus Nord AR app:
Android | iOS
• Install the app and accept the permissions required for the AR experience.
•Launch the app and follow the instructions to set your avatar and app.

Now, open the OnePlus Nord AR app at 10 am Eastern Time.
• Follow the instructions on the screen to the immersive AR experience.
• Make sure you have a good internet connection to get a consistent AR streaming experience.

the launch event ends, users with actual AR invitations will be able to get a unique hands-on experience of OnePlus Nord through AR. This invitation is not required to watch the launch event.

OnePlus Nord launch

How to launch an invitation with OnePlus Nord AR

• Scan the QR code on the invitation to the WEB AR experience. You can scan the QR code using the native camera app (on Android versions 9 and 10), Google Lens or any QR code scanner.
• After the WEB AR experience, scan the AR invitation to experience the OnePlus Nord device for yourself.

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