OnePlus Nord to feature a camera tech usually reserved for flagships
has been slowly releasing information about its upcoming affordable phones- OnePlus North. Depending on the leaker, the main system will obviously have four sensors Ishan Agarwal, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) will also become part of it.
This adjusts the camera lens to reduce when it detects your movement movement blurry. OIS-supported cameras are particularly useful in low-light conditions, because the combination of hardware and software processing ensures that the image is clear and sharp. Videos shot with this camera are also smoother.

Usually, this technology is dedicated to high-end mobile phones, because the required hardware will increase the setup cost, so a hypothetical mobile phone below $500 can also do this well, which is really good.

In today’s OnePlus leak, we also saw the box where it will appear.

Confirm that the phone comes Snapdragon 765G chip Ensure 5G connection. The dual-camera selfie camera is also fixed on the stone, it will be installed in a hole, and uses a flat design, simple appearance. OnePlus has not confirmed the specifications of the front camera, but there is news that we will use the 32MP main shooter and 8MP wide-angle module.
It is not clear whether the phone will Four lens settings, And a triple camera system seems equally possible. According to customer surveys, we may be working on 64MP, 16MP and 2MP sensors.

Needless to say, the specifications of the front camera and rear camera are quite reliable for mid-range phones, and with the addition of 5G, OnePlus Nord may prove to be one of the most affordable phones in 2020.

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