The OnePlus Buds will eclipse Apples AirPods and Samsungs Galaxy Buds in one key area
In case you are not interested in the final true earbuds, you are not excited enough. One plus Next week’s large conference is mainly aimed at the mid-range OnePlus 5G mobile phone. The company revealed another advantage that is expected to ’s market-leading AirPods series.
As teased on Twitter, OnePlus will be “ready within 10 years.” However, if this is too vague or vague for you, the project manager Jay Liu specifically tells people TechRadar said in the new interview that the miniature wireless have the most advanced Warp Charge technology.
For those who have been in trouble for the past few years, we should mention that Warp Charge is undoubtedly one of the most impressive proprietary charging solutions in the mobile industry. It has a built-in 4,510mAh battery. The OnePlus 8 5G flagship product can achieve 0% to 50% capacity in just half an hour without using cables or using the “standard” power brick in the mobile phone retail box, which can even shock for 23 minutes .
Considering these amazing numbers, it is not surprising that OnePlus Buds can provide up to 10 hours of use time after just 10 minutes of charging. Of course, because CEO Pete Lau estimated Real wireless earbuds that are approaching quickly will “only” be able to provide “more than 7 hours of use time”, we can assume that these small boys on the undoubtedly small batteries will charge from less than 10 minutes. 0% rose to 100%.
In contrast, Apple touted only 3 hours of time for its “regular” The second-generation AirPods took 15 minutes after charging, and AirPods Pro takes 5 minutes to transmit an hour of uninterrupted tones, which is basically the same. Then you have ’s Buds+ can squeeze an hour’s worth of juice from a 3-minute charge, so it outperforms the world’s most popular true wireless earbuds, while OnePlus Buds does not.
From a less optimistic point of view, the first ever OnePlus true wireless earbuds will not support wireless charging, and the decision made accordingly is to keep production costs low enough so that retail can easily beat AirPods and Buds +. Unfortunately, we have no actual numbers to share for the time being, but we can indeed see a fashionable blue model in Carl Pei’s ears. The MKBHD video shows the final OnePlus Nord design.
This is one of the three colors that OnePlus Buds must provide to make the pure white AirPods worth the money, With white and options.