JerryRigEverything’s YouTuber Zack Nelson posted a of the 8T . It gave us a detailed understanding of the dual battery configuration of the smartphone. After the disassembly, a durability test was conducted. According to the test, the latest OnePlus mobile phone has undergone strict scratch and bending tests. It was found that the mobile phone had scratches on the Mohs hardness scale of 6. OnePlus 8T was launched earlier this week as the latest member of the OnePlus series. The phone has a four-way camera and a punch- display.

The one-click method to disassemble OnePlus 8T is usually to unscrew a dozen Philips screws. However, the main highlight of the new OnePlus mobile phone compared with the previous mobile phone is dual battery configuration, which can achieve 65W Warp Charge fast charging. This is a major upgrade to OnePlus 8. OnePlus 8 has a single 4300mAh battery that supports Warp Charge 30T.

Nelson mentioned in the video that at first glance, the OnePlus 8T battery pack looks the same as the battery pack on existing OnePlus phones. However, a crease is visible in the center, which depicts the packaging as two different halves of one. Each half has a 2,250mAh battery with a capacity of 4,500mAh.

“The charging speed of most mobile phones does not exceed 30 watts. Therefore, it is safe to say that the power to charge a single battery may exceed that power, otherwise it may cause the battery to explode or catch fire. But double the battery and you can Use twice as much electricity.” Nelson said in the video.

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The disassembly also revealed that there is no waterproof function on the OnePlus 8T speaker, although a rubber ring is bent around the USB Type-C port for waterproofing. There is also a foam ball inside the speaker to help enhance audio output. In addition, the copper cooling system on the OnePlus 8T extends below the battery. This may help enhance heat management while charging to some extent.

OnePlus 8T can be purchased in , starting at Rs. 42999. The phone has 8GB + 128GB and 12GB + 256GB storage configurations.

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