OnePlus 8T 2077 Limited Edition has passed the YouTube teardown procedure. It shows that the interior of the Phone Punk 2077 Limited Edition is the same as the regular OnePlus 8T. The chipset is covered with thermal paste and copper tape, with a layer of graphite film on top. The large piece of glass covering the upper half of the back of the phone is purely for aesthetic purposes. The actual camera module is the same as the regular OnePlus 8T.

The teardown video shared by PBKreviews on YouTube shows that the thick backboard of the OnePlus 8T 2077 Limited Edition has a laminated layer inside, giving people a sandstone feel, but it feels like glass. There is a large glass area on the top of the back, purely for aesthetics. Apart from these changes, the internal structure is the same as the regular OnePlus 8T.

The chip is covered with thermal paste, copper tape and graphite tape. OnePlus 8T 2077 Limited Edition has a dual battery setting because it supports a faster 65W charging speed; dual batteries also help heat dissipation. There are 2200mAh battery and 2250mAh battery in the phone. There is also a copper vapor chamber in the phone, which extends below the battery.

The cumbersome process of disassembling the video display eliminates the need to replace the monitor. You first the back panel, then remove the bottom cover with the speaker assembly, and then remove the bottom daughter board to connect to the display cable.

OnePlus 8T 2077 Limited Edition is only available in China, and the only 12GB + 256GB version is priced at RMB 3,999 (approximately Rs 44,500). The regular OnePlus 8T is priced at Rs in India. For the 8GB + 128GB version and Rs, it is 42,999. The 12GB + 256GB version is 45,999.

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By Rebecca French

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