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If you have the T- version of 8, you can go to your phone ’s settings and check if the device has the latest T- software .

T-Mobile is sensing OTA software for OnePlus 8 devices on its network. This new update includes 5G support and two new frequency bands. You will not use these bands immediately, but at least when they are available, your device is ready. The update includes support for 5G bands 2 and 66, as well as bands 5, 41 and 71 that were supported at the of .

T-Mobile’s 5G network works on the 600MHz 71, and it is working to support more bands in the near , including the newly added 1900MHz band 2 and 1700 / 2100Mhz band 66.

You can go to the device’s settings> system> system update> check for updates, and then check if the software is already available for your device.

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