In a major milestone, the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an initiative of the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), has opened up its network to consumers at 16 locations in Bangalore city, the Ministry of Commerce and the industry said on Friday.

First, consumers can place orders in two areas (grocery stores and restaurants) through buyer apps that participate in the ONDC network.

ONDC’s beta testing in the city of Bangalore is an important first step in implementing a web-based approach to e-commerce as an alternative to platform-centric approaches. The Commerce Department said this will make the e-commerce environment more inclusive, accessible and -driven for all consumers and sellers.

Consumers can now purchase multiple categories of products and services from a single buyer app of their choice. They can buy grocery products or order food from stores and restaurants. Over the next few weeks, more apps will join the network, expanding the buyers and sellers who can participate in this deal.

ONDC started its Alpha testing phase first in Bengaluru in April 2022 and expanded to more than 80 cities by September 2022. This validates the application and confirms business and operational processes. Now in beta testing, the public can shopping through ONDC and provide early feedback to take necessary action before further expansion.

In order to build trust between consumers, sellers and network participants (buyer applications, seller applications and gateways) in the open network, ONDC consulted the current ecosystem, experts and researched best practices to adapt and Develop the best way to build trust in an unbundled decentralized network. This is explained in a consultation paper that is being made available for public consultation on DPIIT, ONDC and the website’s official social media handles.

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The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) was established on 31st December 2021 as an Article 8 company as an initiative of the Department of Industry and Internal Promotion (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to create a digital commerce revolution. model, providing a greater impetus for the penetration of retail e-commerce in India. ONDC is not an application, platform, intermediary, or software, but a set of specifications designed to promote an open, unbundled, and interoperable open network that eliminates reliance on a single platform.

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