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Oculus VR Palmer Luckey claims to be the current high bid for the fabulous console, which went on sale this .

Starting price $ 31,000But now stands in an amazing $ 350,000, And Lucky claims on social media that its bid is currently leading the way. Given that the owner has rejected $ 1.2 million, Prices may rise sharply.

the quiz Twitter Why he wanted to have this elusive hardware so much, Luckey replied:

Because I have the largest collection of consoles, I pursue digitalization and retain the history of video games. Perfect VR can ensure that the original experience will always exist, but we need to keep these things alive and functional at the same time.

Public availability is only a matter of time, and I have kept a low profile until then. I keep the original copy in the most advanced video game storage facility ever.

Although Luckey's intention was to purchase this device and make sure it was recorded and kept, rather than seeing it fall into someone's personal collection and being locked forever, not everyone is excited about his selfless way:

Luckey's personal assets are about $ 730 million, so this number can certainly be increased if needed. He is best known for creating Oculus VR, the company that pioneered the renaissance of virtual reality technology.

He sold the company to Facebook for about $ 3 billion in 2014, and after clearly showing his secret for Donald Trump for the presidency, he was apparently fired by the company in 2017.

He later founded Anduril Industries, which automatic drones and sensors for military use.

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