Huang Renxun, CEO NvidiaIn an interview VentureBeat, he said that because coronavirus could affect the company's supply chain, he weakened Nvidia's expectations for graphics and AI chip revenue for the quarter.

Taking the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus as an example, Huang Renxun said that the company is watching the situation closely. As a result, the company trimmed its first-quarter revenue estimates for prudent consideration. But he also said that the impact has eased because many of Nvidia's products [through contractors] are in Taiwan.

He said, however, one-third of Nvidia's business is in China, and targeting citizens in that country means they won't go shopping. But it may also mean that people will stay home and play more games.

Due to the coronavirus, Nvidia and other companies withdrew from Mobile World Congress, a large mobile technology trade show in Barcelona, ​​Spain, so MWC's organizers decided to remove power from the show.

For the fourth fiscal quarter ended January 26, Nvidia report This exceeded expected earnings, earnings per share more than doubled from a year ago, and revenue rose 41% to $ 311 million.

Huang said he is happy that Nvidia has partnered Tencent to develop cloud services, but said that transitioning to the cloud will be a long journey for gaming. of GeForce Now cloud gaming service launchedd has an open platform in the West, offering hundreds of games.

Huang Renxun said that Nvidia's GeForce RTX graphics card has now reached a sweet spot, the price is $ 299. Huang said he believes that PC games and RTX graphics real-time ray tracing will become more popular when the next-generation consoles arrive this fall. Huang said these consoles will have real-time ray tracing and will raise the bar for graphics.

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At the same time, he said that artificial intelligence is Nvidia's "main growth driver," and its data center graphics unit [GPU] sales are at record highs.