The continuous coronavirus pandemic is changing our daily lives. Due to the distance of society, many people are facing difficulties. Restaurants are one of the most affected branches. VentureBeat report The Uber Eats app now offers users the opportunity to donate to favorite local restaurant. Although the company plans to promote the feature to other cities and countries in the near future, its contribution to the restaurant is set at $ 2, and the option is now available in the New area.

After selecting food, donation options will be displayed before you complete the order. A box to add an extra $ 2 appears and prompts before completing your order. All donations go to the restaurant. This fixed amount of $ 2 may change with the future implementation of this feature.

In addition, when you donate, Uber will donate it to Restaurant employee reliefThis is designed to help catering professionals who are facing difficulties due to COVID-19. Uber said that it has donated US $ 2 million to the above fund, so it has become a supporter of the program. Every time someone donates $ 2 through the Uber Eats app, Uber ’s donation to the fund will continue until the amount reaches $ 3 million.

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