According to reports, Nintendo Switch will get the expected upgrade this year, which will bring a larger OLED display and support for 4K TV output. The upgrade can be called Nintendo Switch Pro, and it has been circulating in the rumor factory for some time (read: years). Switch Pro is expected to have a larger screen than the existing Nintendo Switch, which has a 6.2-inch display. However, despite having more display area, the game console is rumored to be the same size as the existing Switch- to the reduced frame.

The Spanish website Vandal reported detailed information about the Nintendo Switch Pro, citing information obtained from an unknown Chinese accessory manufacturer. It is said that the new console has a nearly 7-inch OLED display, but it will not increase the size of the chassis. This that Switch Pro may be similar in size to a regular Nintendo Switch console.

Keeping the same size can help Switch Pro to be compatible with existing Joy-Con controllers and other accessories suitable for regular Switches. The report also said that without increasing the size of the chassis, there can be significantly smaller bezels to provide space for larger displays.

Nintendo Switch Pro is also expected to have a larger back cover to cover its entire width. When kept on a flat surface, this particular may provide a better balance on the new model. In addition, the new back cover may be similar to the bracket available on the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

According to reports, Nintendo has also increased the output resolution of the new Switch console and provides TV output up to 4K. This is higher than the 1080p output available in the TV mode of the existing Nintendo Switch.

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In addition to the new game console, the report also pointed out that Nintendo is developing an upgraded Switch dock, which will have two USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet port. The existing docking station does not have an Ethernet port to provide a wired Internet connection. In addition, the currently available Nintendo Switch base has a USB 2.0 port.

New features on the can make it wider than the existing one from the rear. However, it is said that compared to the original Switch base, its overall dimensions are similar.

Nintendo Switch Pro release date

Although the exact release date of the Nintendo Switch Pro has not yet been announced, Vandal reports that the console should be released in the next few -just before E3 2021, which will be held between June 12 and 19. This confirms that the recent Bloomberg report also recommended the of the new Nintendo Switch before the E3 conference.

Nevertheless, Nintendo is unlikely to make Switch Pro available for purchase before the end of November. The continued shortage of chipsets may affect the delivery of next-generation game consoles.

This is obviously not the first time we have heard of the new Nintendo Switch. Some reports even suggest that Switch Pro be developed in 2019. However, considering the number of new leaks and rumors that have recently appeared on the Internet, Nintendo is expected to announce its new console soon.

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