Nintendo Switch announced the launch of “Pac-Man 99”, a new game that has emerged in the “Pac-Man” game world. Nintendo Switch Online members can use the game for free on April 7th at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time (April 8th, US Eastern Standard Time, 6:30 am). As a battle royale game, the concept is self-evident, but there are some key differences. There are power-ups, individual simultaneous games, positioning options, and so on. Pac-Man 99 issued by Bandai Namco has also paid for the DLC packs, will be provided at the time of release.

Nintendo Tweet On Wednesday, “Pac-Man 99” will be released to Nintendo Switch Online members at 6 pm on April 7th, Pacific Standard Time (6:30 am on April 8th, US Standard Time). The way of dealing with battle royale games is slightly different, because 99 players facing each other are not in the same maze or game, but are playing your own personal game with you at the same time-such as Tetris 99. Standing victory.

As is typical in a Pac-Man game, you must collect points and stay away from ghosts. There are some power-up functions that allow you to consume ghosts for a limited time. But in “Pac-Man 99”, the ghost you consume will be sent to player’s game as a Jammer Pac-Man, makes them more difficult. One of the strategies explained in the shared video in the tweet involves “sleeping ghosts”, which allows players to send numbers of ghosts to other players’ games.

In addition, there are four power-up items in “Pac-Man 99”, including speed, strength, standard and training. The four target options include random, hunter, knockout, and counterattack, allows players to use ghost swarms to target certain opponents.

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“Pac-Man 99” is a free game that can be pre-installed immediately from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, as the game will be released in India tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, Nintendo eShop is not yet available in India. To access online stores in India, you need to set up an account with a US address.

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