The price of Nintendo Switch has been reduced. Currently, prices are only significantly reduced in the European market. the price change will also be implemented in other regions is still inconclusive. This is when Nintendo is about launch an OLED variant of the handheld console. The new OLED model was announced in July and will be available for purchase on October 8. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be compatible with all existing Nintendo Switch games.

The new price of Vanilla Nintendo Switch is 259.99 pounds (approximately 26,500 rupees), which is less than 279.99 pounds (approximately 28,600 rupees). For the first time, Eurogamer discovered the price reduction of Nintendo game consoles. The price of Nintendo Switch in Europe is 299.99 euros (approximately 26,100 rupees), which is less than 329.99 euros (approximately 28,700 rupees). Nintendo Switch Lite is priced at 199.99 pounds (approximately 20,400 rupees).

A company spokesperson told the publication, “ carefully weighing various factors, including the European currency exchange rate and the upcoming Nintendo Switch-OLED model, we believe that now is the right time change the price of Nintendo’s European trade. Transition.”

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) price

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) announced in July will go on sale on October 8. The new will be priced at £309.99 (approximately Rs 31,600) and will be available in two color -white and neon red/neon blue.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) specifications

The upcoming Nintendo game has some key improvements the original Nintendo Switch. It will use a 7-inch (1,280×720 pixel) OLED display. Under the hood, it has the same Nvidia custom Tegra X1 processor, but is now equipped with 64GB of onboard storage, twice the storage space available on a standard Nintendo Switch.

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