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You’ve probably heard of Joy-Con ‘drift’ by now, right? This issue causes the controller’s analogue stick to register movement even when it isn’t being touched, and we’ve seen plenty of Switch owners complain about the strange phenomenon happening to them over the past few years.

Not everyone has come up against the problem with their Joy-Con, of course, but our guide detailing how to fix the issue at home has become one of our most popular, which is a pretty telling sign that something isn’t right.

Today, in a Japanese Q+A meeting, Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa has actually apologised for the ‘inconvenience’ caused by Joy-Con issues. He refrained from making any comments, citing the class-action currently taking place in the United States (thanks to Nintendo Life contributor Robert Sephazon for the interpretation).

The case in question was first filed back in July 2019; the lawsuit alleges that “the joysticks on Joy-Con controllers are defective, leading users to experience drift issues”. A few months later, following its launch, the Nintendo Switch Lite was also added to the lawsuit as user reports of drift with the new console also started to emerge. The last time we heard about the case was in May 2020, when the claim was sent to arbitration.

Have you experienced problems with your Joy-Con? Last year, we ran a poll to see which Nintendo consoles you’ve had issues with and Switch sadly came out on top.


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