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Psikyo Shooting Star Bravo (Switch)

The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, bringing more new games to eShop in your area. As always, make sure to vote in our polls and comment below on your potential choices this week. Please enjoy!

Switch Retail Online Store-New Version

Psikyo Meteor Bravo (NIS America, February 21, £ 35.99 / € 39.99)- "Samurai Ace Episode 1", "Samurai Ace Episode 2": TENGAI, "Samurai Ace" Episode 3: SENGOKU CANNON, GUNBARICH, GUNBIRD and GUNBIRD2 together form this epic arcade series! Take the arcade home by shooting these shooters vertically in the popular "TATE" mode for the ultimate shooting game experience!

Exe Born at Night: Late (cl-r) (Arksys Games, February 20, £ 34.99 / 39.99 Euro)- Dominate the night! Control is deeper and darker than ever. Fight against 21 unique characters, including the new Londrekia and its original moves, stories, stages and music. Master destructive new combos and make dazzling special attacks in online, arcade, story and training modes. Fighters commanded by different brawling techniques showed over 12,000 stunning animation frames.

Switch eShop-new version

3000th duel (Neopopcorn, February 19, £ 9.03 / € 9.99) -A hero with no memory, covering his face with a mysterious mask, was thrown onto this unknown land. Reaching the end of the journey, he discovered an inedible truth-which scared his true identity. . . Explore the vast world with more than 300 organic biomes! Scary monsters, multiple platform actions and mysteries are waiting for you.

Descent (£ 5.39 / € 5.99) -Blood Breed is a brutal retro-style survival horror game with challenging gameplay and mature visual effects (you can turn nude colors on and off in the game menu). In this stylish game you will fight for your life and explore the handmade environment. Your car broke down in a mysterious area full of scary human remains, and you will face a killer who is hunting you. As you dig deeper into the story, you begin to discover its full twist and supernatural meaning. . . Will you survive to see the sun again?

Blood will spill (Attu Games, February 20, £ 13 / € 14.49) -Following Jack's story, he is a mosquito bounty hunter and is taking revenge. But soon, he found himself in a vicious plan that went well beyond his bargaining. Jack is well beyond the budget, with huge numbers and will need the help of some unusual allies or even odds. On land without laws, from barren anthills and dusty mines, to wasteland battlefields, to sinister swamps, he is looking for the Calaveras gang. They are still alive. . . Or dead.

Short fight (£ 12.49 / € 13.49) -"Concise War" displays the docking action on the screen in a brazen way in a party game: it's all about underwear! When the mad battle started, nothing was done except the buns, and they were squeezed into a ball. In an effort to prove who has the most powerful bun head, scramble to grab super-powerful to embrace the power of the ass and win the edge of underwear among friends. – Read our short battle review

Ciel Fledge: Daughter Raising Simulator (£ 17.99 / € 19.99) -In 3716, humans lived in constant danger of being destroyed by huge alien threats (called "giants"). Escaping its destruction, a mysterious young girl came to ARK-3, a magnificent city built in the air. Ciel Fledge is a game about raising a daughter in a future world that is still hopeful. With engaging management gameplay and cute characters, you can take care of Ciel until Ciel reaches adulthood and is ready to escape the lair. How does the schedule improve Ciel?

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Z corridor (Mass Creation, February 20, £ 6.30 / € 7.19) -Ordinary high school, zombie outbreak and a group of survivors. This time you will not "face" the obstacle, but will actually pursue it. Don't let zombies catch up with you, throw obstacles at them and aim at their heads, then let them freeze. At the same time, find the audio recordings and that the source of the infection came from your town.

Dark Tower (£ 3.14 / € 3.50)- Dark Tower is a cruel permadeath game. Your every move is vital in the deadly tower house of the death exploration game. Use a limited number of keys to unlock the door and unlock the puzzle to the top of the tower. Face dangerous enemies, such as goblins, skeletons, mages, vampires and more!

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (CAPCOM, February 20, £ 15.99 / € 19.99) -Before the original "Devil May Cry", this action classic movie confronted Dante with his twin brother Vergil, who designed a design that opens the door to the demon world, but Dante himself has the key … Fighting styles such as Swordmaster and Gunslinger, Devil May Cry 3 brings a higher level of strategy to the series' famous fashion game. This version includes all special edition content, including the ability to play as Vergil, and even includes additional bonus features unique to Nintendo Switch.

Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle (ARC SYSTEM WORKS, February 20th, £ 32.39 / € 35.99)

Self Agreement: Remake (£ 3.59 / € 3.99) -Innovation! Addictive! Logic and retro! Features: A combination of logic and classic platform games! 60 levels and 4 different ways of playing! Unique stage mechanics are framed by handmade graphics! Take control of your surroundings to direct the main character to the exit to avoid dangers and obstacles lurking in his journey! Fast playing speed, multiple ways to complete the level! Find out if you can think fast enough!

Escape first (OnSkull Development, February 17, £ 4.04 / € 4.49) -Room Psycho Circus After a spectacular performance at the "De la Luna" Circus, you find trapped in the clown's residence. In a few minutes, his performance will end. Can you find his spare key and escape before he returns? Everyone knows that clowns don't like other people touching their stuff! Red button a room, a door, a bloody knife. How is this going? What happened last night? You have to know. Are you sure you want to know? you are leaving

Fishing adventure (£ 8.09 / € 8.99) -Main features: More than 30 species of fish, inspired by real places in the world in 7 larger locations, fun missions, tournaments, daily records and rewards, real fishing equipment, realistic and relaxing Sound, advanced graphics settings for older computers.

Fred 3ric (Forever Entertainment, February 20, £ 8.09 / € 8.99)

King Lucas (£ 4.49 / € 4.99) -After the incident between King Lucas and the Witch of Sosa, the queen left him and remarried in an adjacent kingdom, and now his daughter is the only daughter left with him. Because of his love for them, every time they get lost in the castle, he will move the world to recall them. He can only find them by turning to the bravest knight. Will you be one of those knights? Fight for the love of King Lucas and the three princesses.

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Knight + (£ 5.99 / € 5.99) -Complete this epic quest with the brave Sir Lotalot in this little adventure. Explore and fight through four dangerous dungeon filled with dangerous traps, cunning puzzles and magic items. Survive all four dungeons by unlocking new abilities and items that can help Sir Lototalot conquer his enemies. Knightin & # 39; + is a classic adventure game inspired by many masterpieces from the 90s.

Last En (February 21, £ 8.53 / € 9.44)- Last Encounter is a two-stick action rogue in the deep space, following a group of heroes who try to prevent the inevitable by cloning ships and designing weapons with interchangeable components.

XL line (Nestor Yavorskyy, February 20, £ 1.79 / € 1.99) -Lines XL- A beautiful numberlink-based puzzle game that involves finding paths connecting colored tiles in a grid. The finals in the Lines XL-Lines (X, Infinite, XL) series. 500 fascinating digital link puzzles, beautiful abstract visual effects, over 10 color-themed environments, easy soundtracks

Oldmar (Mobge, February 20, £ 8.09 / € 8.99) -Oddmar struggles to live in his village and is not worth living in Valhalla. He was shunned by fellow Vikings and had to redeem his extravagant potential. One day he will have a chance to prove himself, but at a price. . . Immerse in an epic Viking story and animate it into action comics. Journey through 24 beautifully crafted levels and platforms based on physical puzzles. Discover the true power with magical weapons and shields. Meet new friends and enemies as you travel through enchanted forests, snow-capped mountains, and sinister mines.

Extraordinary (£ 6.29 / € 6.99) -In Extraordinary, your goal is to find gold in the maze. But be careful, because dangerous monsters can also lurk in the shadows. Avoid getting caught with your flexibility! Find the gold, hide in the dark, and continue to the exit. Similar to the terrifying atmosphere game, your goal is to find gold in the maze. Avoid traps, monsters and try to escape the legendary treasure.

SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo 2 (SEGA, February 20, £ 5.99 / € 6.99)

Sudoku Relax 4 Winter Snow (G-MODE, February 20, 4.13 GBP / 4.58 Euro) -Take a break and let experience the soothing effects of Sudoku Relax 4. The popular "Sudoku Relax" title will come with a sequel "Sudoku Relax 4". You can enjoy the soft and warm snow effect in the new "Sudoku Relax". You can choose more than 300 puzzles from EASY, NORMAL or HARD modes. Exercise your brain, relax and enjoy relaxing games and music. Solve puzzles to unlock new backgrounds and music tracks. The game contains 3 backgrounds and 3 music tracks. You can choose to pause the game at any time and continue playing at your convenience. Simple touch controls make playing easy.

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Tower of Babel-no mercy (£ 8.09 / € 8.99) -Who didn't like to smash the elaborate towers of brothers or sisters as a kid? Tower of Babel is a physics-based multiplayer tower game. You and your friends will have to build a tower together. But watch out! Who collapsed the tower lost the game. Build carefully, then cast magic spells to spoil your friends' moves! Easy to pick up, endless fun! Play with your friends or family in 3 crazy modes. You can also play against another team online! With alliance games and combo magic spells, this will not be easy. "Tiantian Tower" is a game that strengthens friendship and breaks the tower. . . Or the other way around!

UBERMOSH: Omega (£ 3.14 / € 3.49) -Retro hardcore top-down masterpieces are carefully crafted in 5 years of community feedback, with over 4k of elves, tribal drums, fuzzy guitars and perfect gameplay. Players can choose a saint, adjust it to suit their style of play, and try to survive in a cannonball-filled pit, where you can use a sword to cut bullets, psionic power to destroy, and escape the hell of projectiles. Each character is a love letter to an ARCADE game (like Kore), inspired by the classic shmup game or Aya (requires a progressive combo scorer).

Unknown Wave: Royal Port (Artifex Mundi, February 20, £ 8.09 / € 8.99) -Dead people will not tell you! The story of the infamous ship-cursed rose could kill the famous sailor Mason Owens. As his daughter, you can only do one thing-find the damn ship and understand your father's fate.

Vitamin connection (WayForward, February 20, £ 15.14 / € 18.02) -Prepare to have fun in the micro world-solo or with your partner! Play the roles of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, and drive Capsule Ship together to clear the host of malignant pathogens. Using innovative controls, you can use Vitamin Beam to lower the enemy's pose, wave the handy claw-shaped components on the ship, and twist and turn around in a maze-like environment of environment to save members of the Sable family, including dogs! -From various dangers and increasingly weird dilemmas.

War face (MY.COM, February 18) -Dive into battle! Warface is an online first-person shooter game that makes a difference. Fight in more than 50 multiplayer PvP maps, deal with difficult PvE raids in cooperatives, and release a huge arsenal of more than 200 realistic customizable weapons. Join the ranks of more than 80 million players worldwide and play for free now! Multiplayer MAYHEM Experience multiple exciting PvP game modes. Fight for glory on more than 50 multiplayer maps based on even farther locations on Earth.

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Brick Pinball 2 (£ 0.89 / € 0.99)

Tank raid (£ 1.43 / € 1.59)

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fraternity Demo version

Langrisser I & II Demo version

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