Commercial Mario

Have you ever thought about ’s ? Ever wondered what would happen true It’s like working in Mario’s house? Well, Nintendo’s annual report gives us a quick insight into everyday in these temples.

Part of the report focuses on employees and provides some quick statistics on employees in the previous fiscal year ( 2019 to 2020). It tells us the total number of employees, and their age, and length of service:

As of March 31, 2020

  • Number of employees (person): 2,395
  • Average age (years): 39.2
  • Average service time (years): 13.9
  • Average annual salary: 9,350,972 yen / 86,583 US dollars

1. The number of employees refers to the number of people hired, excluding people seconded from the company to outside the company, but includes people seconded to the company from outside the company.
2. The average annual salary is the tax-included amount for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, including additional salaries and bonuses

Of course, it’s difficult to assess the average number of people on Nintendo true Earn-Earlier today, we learned How many senior executives of Nintendo take home each year, Which makes the average figure significantly higher-but it does remind us that employees seem to be very satisfied with the company.

If the current average service life is 13.9 years per person, it shows that many Nintendo employees like the job and are good enough to stick to it. Maybe working at Nintendo does sound great?


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