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Readers of a certain age remember that when Nintendo ’s latest news was brought to you with brilliant ink, there was also a shiny cover of your favorite game hero, and-if you are lucky-like a double-sided poster Weird freebies or pin badges. Of course, we are talking about magazines.

We want to think Nintendo life Is a popular online alternative product that can provide you with a similar digital format experience, but even we can miss the nostalgic products such as “Nintendo Official” magazine, Mean Machines, NGAmer, and this is where Ninty Fresh appears.

“Ninty Fresh” is a brand-new, independently operated magazine that aims to cover all of Nintendo’s “from NES to Switch” content. This idea has been conceived by the dream behind the lovely team. Switch Player MagazineThis is a British-based project that has successfully put printed on people ’s doors for more than three years.

This work is not the final work, but it can give you a general idea ...
This work is not the final work, but it can give you a general idea …

The magazine ’s Kickstarter is now live and aims to spend just £ 2,000 to get things working. You can guarantee your support, get a copy of the first issue, and read all related content. Right here. It contain editorials, interviews, comments and other content, and already contains many content:

“Imagine, imagine, the cross between the official Nintendo magazine of EMAP, the official Nintendo magazine of Future and a small number of Retro Gamer and NGamer, this is what we hope to bring, all of which have the flavor of Nintendo and older for you Bringing familiarity. But it be released in 2020. Obviously, these excellent magazines have no affiliation.

It is a challenge to make your own magazine without advertising support or huge company support. Therefore, the first issue of Ninty Fresh be an A4 (210mmx297mm) 80-page turning machine, which will contain a lot of congestion. Nintendo content on these pages. And there are no ads. “

Do you miss Nintendo’s magazine? Think you might support this new project to understand its content? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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