During the quarantine period, the entire world was struggling, and there were questions about how to restart their lives and livelihoods, while protecting themselves from new coronavirus infections. In New Zealand, a company has proposed a solution that is very useful for those who make a living from others.

Auckland RVEAutomotive leather upholsterers and exterior customizers have created so-called "automotive PPEs" designed specifically for business, fleet and emergency services vehicles. We think this will work Uber, Lyft Same with taxi drivers.

One product is a simple vinyl slidable seat cover, and the most novel is "driver foam"-a transparent, easy-to-clean PVC shell that surrounds the driver without the need to construct a separate compartment. Jim Stanners, the company's business development director, told Kiwi's website Driven The project started out of concerns about RVE's own employees, but it soon spread to people who realized that this is an untapped market.

Stanas said: "The driver and passengers are protected, but they do not have to wear masks, they can still talk to each other and see each other through the screen."

In China, ride-hailing drivers have begun installing simple plastic plates to separate them from riders to protect themselves from spreading. YouTube Video prevalence Show a do-it-yourself solution.

In contrast, RVE's driver bubbles are attached to the seat headrest to avoid interference airbag Features. They also have quick-release fasteners that allow the driver to the car quickly in an emergency. The company uses Ford Ranger with Hyundai Motor iLoad van, but it says there are several versions SUV And trucks, and can design a custom size version. The price listed on the company's website is about $ 450, excluding shipping.

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Steiner said: "There is a challenge between driving a left and right, so we will first aim at the most suitable vehicle." Car blog In the email. "There is no doubt that this will also provide local business, which will be very important in our global fight against this epidemic."

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, New Zealand has a population of about 4.9 million, thanks to its relatively isolated status as an island country, the country is largely immune to the impact of COVID-19 As of Friday, there were 1,456 confirmed cases and 17 deaths. Coronavirus Tracker. Stanner said that the strict lock-in measures implemented since late March will relax one gear on Monday, and demand surges. Car blog. This country has even established Complete elimination of coronavirus.

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