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New -New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an investment plan on Thursday that will allocate $750 million for the construction of charging stations and other vehicle , is the long-term state of reducing emissions Part of the goal.

The measure plans to more than 50,000 charging stations and will be funded mainly by public utility companies owned by investors in the state. The total budget is capped at $701 million by 2025.

Reached a settlement with the German automaker in 2017 and allocated an additional US$48.8 million Volkswagen AG to diesel engine Emission cheating scandals to fund electric schools and buses and charging stations.

The New York announcement follows a similar measure taken by Florida. Florida announced on July 10 that it will invest $8.6 million to expand charging stations.

and Electric car According to data from the US Department of Energy, sales have gradually increased over the past few years, but by 2019 they will still be less than 2% of all U.S. car sales.

The lack of a reliable charging has inhibited wider adoption to some extent, most of which are concentrated in densely populated urban areas and the eastern and western coastal areas of the United States.

And many automakers, including electric car pioneers TeslaVarious surveys have shown that a single charge greatly increases the range of the vehicle, but the high price tag and lack of charging infrastructure still discourage many consumers.

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