Samsung It is about to kick off later tonight, announcing that this year's first major Unpacked event will bring a series of new products. Although its new smartphone will be top priority, fans may also see some other shiny new devices, including upgraded Galaxy Buds.

These new wireless headphones have been around for a while, but fans have gotten great trailers before the official launch tonight.

A video posted by top tech expert Roland Quandt on YouTube claims to show off a pair of truly new Galaxy Buds + and has been completely unboxed for everyone to watch on the video sharing site.

Although these new wireless headphones look very similar to previous ones, they seem to have changed dramatically.

The back of the box shows that on a single charge, these shoots will last a lot of 11 hours, more than twice as much as Apple AirPods.

This is pretty impressive stuff, which means they should easily keep you powered throughout your long without refueling.

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According to Quandt, he was able to play 3.5 hours of loud music, but the remaining battery power was still more than 50%.

Despite this impressive feature, it seems that the new Galaxy Buds + does have some disadvantages.

First, it doesn't seem to include noise cancellation, which may disappoint those who want the ultimate experience.

Apple's latest AirPods Pro offers some very good sound blocking technology, which means you won't hear the surrounding sound when you listen to your favorite music.

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The last thing could fail, as rumors have it that Buds are more expensive than they were.

There are rumors that their price is 169 euros, which is a slight increase over last year's headphones.

We will find all the details during the Unpacked event and Express.co.uk will bring you live updates of all important announcements.

Strangely, Samsung has revealed the upcoming product.

At the Academy Awards, the Galaxy Z Flip was shown in an ad, which revealed a device with a clamshell design similar to Motorola Razr. Once opened, users will get a huge screen to watch movies and play games.

The small screen will show notifications and messages so you can keep up to date without having to flip your phone.

The big event is expected to start at 6:45 p.m. GMT, with more news about this product and other Samsung devices in the next few hours.