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Nintendo Switch

A new report says that Europe and the United States may see Nintendo Switch shortages as early as April due to a coronavirus outbreak.

According to BloombergThe company cited "people with [Nintendo] supply knowledge" as a source, and it "probably" struggled to keep up with Switch	s demand in Western markets. It noted that limited parts supply from China is affecting Nintendo ’s assembly partners ’plant in Vietnam, which is mainly used to make game consoles for the United States.

Nintendo admittedly At the end of last month, Coronavirus has affected Switch production in Japan, but Guarantee for people in North America and Europe next week. At the time, the company stated that "it is not expected to have a significant impact on our wider global supply of systems and accessories" and that "product sales in North and Europe, including pre-orders, will not be affected."

Specifically, the so far influenced Production and sale of animal-themed switches in Japan has also led to the private sector Delayed release outside world On Nintendo	s platform.

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