New iPhone app brings mocap to Unreal Engine 4

Today, video games are so realistic that sometimes you will mistake them for real things. However, facial expression is still a challenge to be overcome. Even if the game has almost perfect background and level design, it is still difficult to render realistic faces. A new iOS that uses to capture facial expressions and send them to 4 in real time can help solve the problem. Live Link Face streams real-time high-quality facial animations from the iPhone directly to Unreal . According to one Blog post The new application created by Epic Games product manager Ryan Mayeda can be used in a professional game production environment. For example, there are actors in the studio wearing mocha costumes, but single artists and content creators can also use it. Live Link Face combines Apple’s ARKit and iPhone’s front TrueDepth camera to perform its magic, and can be used from app Store.

There is no information on whether the Android version of Live Link Face can be used, but the chance is small. Depth sensors and other 3D capture technologies vary widely from one Android device to another, making it almost impossible to ensure that the app is compatible with all devices.

Unreal Engine is one of the most popular production tools in the game industry. Making facial expressions more accessible and widely used will produce more realistic characters in future games.

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