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Earlier this week, a company called HUP Games released On Switch eShop. If you have never heard of this before, describe it as of ’s “Original Action RPG” and allows players to enjoy “powerful battles” in the world at a price of $17.70.

In fact, it is a mobile port, and the title uses common game engine assets. Most importantly, it also plays from Nintendo games, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. GoNintendo pointed out how the “stolen music” playing in the background “rips directly” ’s . Listen below:

Sound familiar? If you have played “The Ocarina of ”, it may play. We’re not sure how Nintendo did this, but if we guess, it’s probably Because every week there are piles of games approved by Switch eShop.

Now that the word has been resolved, we expect that in the next few days, “Final Sword” will disappear from Nintendo’s digital store.


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