has entered the wildly popular metaverse with the aim of providing a Web3 twist to the promotion of its recent big-budget film The . To give fans an immersive experience, Netflix has recreated a movie-inspired that can be navigated by using knowledge of the story. The includes a directed video from Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling, who starred in the film, bringing the Russo brothers, directors of Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity , to the Back in movie production.

Those who visit Netflix’s “Metaverse Mission” will be faced with a maze against the backdrop of The Grey ’s dramatic music.

Recreating the film’s setting in the Metaverse is an experiment Netflix is ​​watching to see how it might affect the ratings of “Grey Man.”

“Not only did this attract those who had already seen the movie, but it also “increased users who happened to be playing in the Decentraland maze and made them the movie,” citing Decentraland art director Martin Shibuya in a report from Blockworks The words of the foundation said in a statement.

According to reports, more than 2,000 people have entered the maze since its launch earlier last week.

The user must reach the fountain in the center of the maze to unlock a secret room to complete the quest.

They will need to connect their crypto wallets to Decentraland to the time it takes them to travel through the maze.

After completing the maze, users can choose from available rewards, including free wearables for their avatars and iconic looks from The Grey Man .

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People took to Twitter to share a glimpse of Netflix’s Metaverse mission.

While Netflix has yet to announce any full-blown metaverse , the streaming giant has already hinted at its interest in the space.

Netflix has been acquiring smaller video developers such as Night School Studio, according to Nasdaq.

Last year, the brand hired former Meta Platforms (FB) Oculus executive Mike Verdu as its VP of game development.