’s weekend in India (called ) will at midnight on Saturday, 5 and will last until Sunday, December 6. This is the world’s largest streaming service announcement. During these 48 hours, you can watch any content on Netflix for free. Of course, there are two caveats. First, you will have access to a standard definition (SD) stream. Think of it like Rs that can access Netflix. 499 “Basic” plan. In addition, Netflix will limit the number of free viewers, which means you may encounter a message saying “StreamFest capacity is full”.

However, everything else is the same. You can create a profile, add content to “My List”, adjust the parental controls, change the UI language to Hindi, and choose any subtitles or dubbing you like. During StreamFest, you can choose to watch Netflix on Android, iPhone, smart TV, game console, Chromecast or browser. After registering with a browser in Netflix.com/StreamFest or Android application (in any case, use a web wrapper to display the website).

When it comes to registration, you don’t even need to provide payment . Just a name, email address or number, and a password. That’s it. Oh, and if you previously had a Netflix membership in that email, then you will immediately be picked up from where you left off.

Netflix India content vice president Monika Shergill wrote in a blog: “Anyone in India can watch all the blockbuster movies, the biggest series of movies, award-winning documentaries and entertaining action for two full days. Show.” “Choose from India’s largest movies and TV series: Experience” What will happen in 25 days? “Expectation. In Sacred Games, ride crazy with Ludo and be inspired by the hottest Miss India in Telugu. or [go] International: I feel that the extraction of adrenaline is eager to complete; I am immersed in the crime drama of the Spanish series “Money Heist”. Your child will fall in love with Mighty Little Bheem and will be able to choose his own adventure through the interactive Boss Baby: “Get that baby”.

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Netflix’s free weekend idea was first announced in by Chief Product Officer Greg Peters, followed by Android application code, which is called “StreamFest”, users do not need a payment method and StreamFest’s capacity limitation warning.

If you want to use Netflix for free, you can also try to make some limited original movies and TV series without even creating an account. The comes with a high-definition (HD) video, but it only works in the browser on Android, Windows PC and Mac.

Netflix StreamFest will start at 12:01 am on December 5th and end at 11:59 pm on December 6. You can remind Netflix of free weekends in India by visiting Netflix.com/StreamFest.