is ​​testing a new on TV to make better use of real estate on the big screen. The new Netflix TV interface does not take the title, description, preview and other detailed information to occupy the entire screen, but compresses all this information into a new card, which will appear when the user hover over the title . It can also adjust the displayed information and display the type label on the front.

Netflix said in a statement to TechnologyShout: “We are always looking for better ways to connect members with their shows and movies. We run these tests in different countries and at different time periods, only when Only when they are found useful can they be widely used.”

Since this is a test, the new interface is to selecting a Netflix account and living room equipment. TechnologyShout found it on Amazon Fire TV, but it cannot be used with other accounts on Android TV and One X. If a new Netflix TV interface is found elsewhere, we will update it.

Netflix’s current TV interface (shown below) was launched in mid-2018 and has been adjusted over time. When scrolling, it will first highlight a headline and other suggestions. The new test is switched by showing more titles when opening the application, which can help members discover updated content faster. It also reduces the preview space that many people hate.

Since the introduction of Netflix in February, you can also turn off the autoplay preview.

The current Netflix TV interface
Image credit: Akhil Arora / TechnologyShout

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