Netflix Direct is a service similar to a TV channel and is being tested in France. The advantage of streaming on the OTT is that you can access movies and TV shows whenever you want to watch them. You are not constrained by the program schedule. In most cases, you do not need to wait a week to get a new program of your program. That being said, sometimes it can be frustrating to find something to watch, and the traditional experience of flipping through TV channels to find something interesting is still a favorite choice for many people. This is why Netflix plans to introduce this experience to OTT streams through Netflix Direct.

Netflix Direct is designed to operate like a regular TV channel in a streaming platform, and is the company’s first attempt to schedule programs linearly. According to Variety’s report, the channel is currently being rolled out in phases for testing in France. The report pointed out that Netflix chose France because traditional TV consumption habits are still popular in European countries. According to reports, Netflix Direct was tested in France on November 5 and will be widely used in the country in December.

If it proves to be successful, Netflix is ​​likely to launch its Direct channel in other global markets. Of course, the function of the channel depends on the carefully planned content, and the movies, TV shows and other special programs are mixed together well according to the established schedule. Curation must be based on their respective markets, because French users and Indian users naturally have different preferences.

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So far, Netflix Direct is only available in France, and will naturally be carefully planned for French audiences, and will provide selected French, international and American feature films and TV shows based on “Variety Report”. Users can of course choose and immediately watch movies and TV shows on Netflix as usual, but Netflix Direct will attract users who are between TV shows or just want to sit down and watch something without spending too much effort to find content.

As we all know, Netflix can conduct real-time testing of many upcoming features in various markets around the world, and only recently announced plans to start a “weekend trial” plan for premium services for selected users from India. Streaming media services have also been gradually improving the technical quality of their original products. Many of its new content is produced in 4K Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision), compatible with many current HDR TVs.

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