Houston Rockets boss Tilman Fertitta CNBC was told on Friday that the idea of ​​playing the game without fans' presence would never work, as concerns about the outbreak continue to haunt the global market.

"I don't think you will ever want to play the game without an audience," Fertita said. He added that he would rather pause the game for a week. "But you don't want to play games without fans."

Certi Fertitta appeared in CNBC's "Powerful Lunch", commenting on the corona virus, urging fans to stay calm and not panic. Tertitta approved the Rockets game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night, according to the National Basketball Association, which was sold out of 18,055 tickets.

He added that the game was "lower absenteeism" for fans than usual, "I love seeing it because we didn't panic and we shouldn't," Fertitta said.

Due to a corona virus outbreak, some sporting events have been cancelled or changed. The has delayed the of the African Basketball League, which is scheduled to begin next week.

Although the NCAA has announced that the Men's Class III Men's Championship at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore will be played without spectators, the organization's Coronavirus Advisory Group said it does not recommend “cancelling or arranging exclusion in public areas Sports and related events in the United States. "

Therefore, as of now, the annual NCAA Men's Basketball Championship will be held as scheduled.

"We must continue to live," Fertita said of the coronavirus.

The owner of the Florida Panthers, a counterpart of the National Football League [], also said that Fertitta is against gaming Vincent Viola.

Viola, also the founder of Virtu Financial, told CNBC on Friday that he opposed playing NHL games in an empty arena. He said the move could have a lasting effect on how fans interact with professional sports.

"In the worst case, this may eventually delay the way we finally complete our progress. No, I don't want to play in front of an empty arena," Viola said. "Quick Money Midfielder Report"I think this is bad for the long-term concept of crowd movement.

The decision to cancel or postpone a sporting event-or just keep spectators out of the game-can have a significant financial impact. Among other factors, high-priced TV contracts and well-planned venue timelines add to the already complex public health situation.

Viola said he did not expect the NHL to postpone the temporarily, but stressed that the league and its leadership will not harm the safety of the fans.

"But what I see is that we have to be prepared to do the best thing for our fan base."

"The fans are paramount. Their safety is paramount," Viola said. He added that his team often keeps in touch with U.S. health officials. "Obviously, we don't want to do this if we think it is highly likely to promote the spread of abnormal viruses."