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NASCAR driver Rage withdrew from the virtual competition, and the real sponsor withdrew from him

As sports around the stalled, NASCAR a way to keep the game going This basically cancelled season By digitally letting drivers compete with each other in iRacing and play virtual matches. Motorists drove once a week from the rig installed in their homes, as if they had no pandemic, although in they were. Nevertheless, this is still a difficult and very competitive game, almost enough to convince you that it is real [NASCAR even has its normal announcer to announce the game!]. But Bubba Wallace reminded us that this was not the case last weekend.

After arguing with Clint Bowyer on the digital tour in Bristol, Wallace [real life is No. 43 Petty Camaro [ Petty Motorsports Camaro's wheels] tried to line up on the high line near the wall, just as Bowyer's drove in essentially the same position. The driver's digital taxi was edited, and Wallace's voice gently hit the wall. Bowyer's spins, collides with another , and then sends Bowyer back to Wallace's journey. It is more difficult to knock it down.

Bubba has nothing and starts to behave much like any of us when it seems to have been wronged in video games: losing his temper. After shouting, "Come on, Clint! God!" He calmed down and said, "You all have a good person" and started to pack up his rig. [It should be noted that the crash seems to be Bowyer ’s fault-it was intentional-just pay to the clip above.] When Baba ’s car reappears in the maintenance area, we should remind you that this is in real life It wo n’t happen after a heavy blow—Wallace announced: “That ’s it, that ’s why I do n’t take this shit seriously” and immediately uttered “peace!” Out of the game.

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We have all been there. The controller has been thrown out or blamed improperly due to performance issues in the game. Blushed. Sometimes, well, you have to rush out of the room to cool your head. The trouble for Wallace is that although this is a digital competition, he is sponsored by Blue-Emu in a very real way, that is, "the No. 1 Emu oil formula in the United States." Unfriendly. Wallace reacted poorly to social media criticizing his game "angry", after which Blue Blue tweeted that he would give up sponsorship.

We ca n’t say that we lost financial support for installing video game controllers in the entire room, but again, this entire episode shows how realistic NASCAR ’s ingenious iRacing digital racing setup is. The crew leader was in the driver's ears, Gordon and Mike Joy wore headphones to call the game, and the real sponsorship was part of all the experience, all that was missing was the track Hinterland Americans in the stands and crowded cheap beer. Well, viewers can still the final video at home while watching NASCAR ’s virtual race live or Twitch video stream of their favorite driver.

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