The agency said on Thursday that the to carry NASA’s new , Perseverance to the Red Planet in 2020, is experiencing difficulties and is only operating on basic systems.

NASA said: “The data indicate that the has entered a safe mode. This may be because when Mars 2020 is in the shadow of the earth, the temperature of a part of the spacecraft is lower than expected.”

The spacecraft has left the shadow of the earth, and the temperature is now normal.

When the vessel enters the safe mode, it will shut down all necessary systems until it receives a new command from mission control. NASA added: “At present, the Mars 2020 mission is completing a comprehensive health assessment of the spacecraft and is working to return the spacecraft to its normal configuration on Mars.”

The spacecraft was unable to establish a communication link for its mission control system with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

The 2020 Mars Rover sent the first signal to the ground controller at 9:15 am EST (6:45 pm EST), but it was not until 11:30 am EST (evening EST) 9:00) Only established telemetry technology-more detailed spacecraft data.

The mission’s deputy project Matt Wallace said that the fact that the spacecraft has entered a safe mode is not excessive.

He said: “That’s good, the spacecraft is very happy .”

“The team is studying telemetry technology, and they will carefully study the remaining health of the spacecraft.

“Everything I have seen so far looks good, so we will learn more.”

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