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If you want to get rid of the 9 to 5 limitation and feel that your career has changed dramatically, check out the latest positions at NASA.

The space is to hire and train the next generation of space travelers to carry out missions to some exciting places.

Tuesday ’s announcement, NASA Said It needs recruits to step up its preparations. "This year, American astronauts will be launched with American rockets from US land to ISS, focusing on the moon and Mars." Applications will be accepted from March 2 to 31.

a video [below] designed to interest people, some of NASA's current astronauts talk about what it takes to become a space traveler. For example, Warren Hoburg says that you need three things: technical skills, operational skills, and "becoming fun," while most others point out that it's important to be a great team player. .

Other requirements that may be more difficult to achieve include obtaining a master's degree STEM from an accredited institution, although the requirements for a master's degree can also be met by:
• Two-year Ph.D. research work related to programs the scientific, technical, engineering or mathematical fields;
• A doctor with a full MD or osteopathic degree;
• By June 2021, complete the nationally recognized pilot school curriculum.

"This year we are celebrating our 20-year presence on the International Space Station low Earth orbit, and we are about to send our first female and second male Reach the moon by 2024"Said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine." For the few talented men and women, we will hire them to join our diverse astronaut force, becoming an astronaut is an incredible time human space flight. We are asking all eligible Americans if they are eligible to apply starting March 2. "

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NASA is expected to make the final selection the middle of 2021, after which the recruits will begin a period of intensive training before joining the Artemis program, which is NASA's current space program focusing on the lunar mission in 2024.

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