SpaceX’s manned is called “Dragon”.

Two who were brought back to Earth on Sunday said that when they entered the atmosphere at 17,500 mph, they felt like they were in the belly of a beast.

Mission Commander Bob Behnkhen said at a virtual press conference in Houston, Texas on Tuesday: “It’s full of energy.”

The thrusters have been launched to keep the space capsule named Endeavour accurately aligned with the target location off the coast of Pensacola, which is the landing of a US spacecraft since 1975.

The 50-year-old continued: “The atmosphere starts to make noise, you can hear the rumble outside the vehicle, and when the vehicle tries to control, you feel a little trembling in your body.”

He added: “It doesn’t like a machine. It sounds like an emerging from the atmosphere. All puffs are caused by propellers and atmospheric noise.”

Not only is the ride deafening, but every the ship performs a descent, such as abandoning a “caravan” equipped with a power system and launching a parachute, it can also be biting.

When describing this feeling, Bainken said: “It’s very much like being hit by a baseball bat on the back of a chair.”

Behnken and Doug Hurley, 53, are best friends in real life, and they are married to astronauts.

According to traditional regulations, they spoke to reporters two days after staying on the International Space Station for six months.

Since the space shuttle era, the demonstration mission of the first manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon in the United States was successfully completed, which means that it will soon be certified for regular service.

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The next mission is planned for September.

Hurley said: “The mission is like a simulator, from beginning to end, there are really no accidents along the way.”

These two are veterans of the space shuttle program that ended in 2011, and they have received five years of training at SpaceX.

Hurley said it feels “very strong” when splashing at 15 miles per hour in the Gulf of Mexico, but this is to be expected.

One person who will particularly benefit from Behnken’s knowledge is: astronaut Megan McArthur, who is scheduled to make the same voyage on the same spacecraft in the spring of 2021, and is Behnken’s wife.

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