NASA is preparing for Artemis 1, its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, along with its astronaut Orion spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch on Aug. 29. NASA is preparing to test its flight system aimed at returning astronauts to the moon, decades after the Apollo missions. NASA is preparing for the next generation of space travel. The agency’s SLS spacecraft is the latest vertical launch system developed by NASA.

Earlier this week, NASA completed a flight readiness review for the Artemis I launch ahead of a scheduled test flight on Aug. 29. Flight managers met at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and confirmed the mission was ready for launch. The SLS-Orion spacecraft is expected to launch on Monday.

Artemis I is just the for NASA, and the agency’s test flight is the first in a series of increasingly complex missions. According to NASA, the uncrewed flight test will lay the groundwork for human deep space exploration as it plans to return humans to the Moon and explore more of its surface.

Last week, NASA’s SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft arrived at Kennedy Space Center in Florida after a 10-hour journey from NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building.

According to NASA, the space agency’s engineers and technicians are currently configuring the system on the launch pad before launch. The SLS-Orion spacecraft is expected to launch at 8:33 a.m. ET (6:03 p.m. IST) on Monday.

Artemis I will stress test the systems of the SLS-Orion spacecraft as part of NASA’s plan to verify that the systems are ready to send astronauts to the Moon, which the space agency plans to accomplish by 2025, Send humans to the moon and other planets, including Mars.

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