The status quo of coronavirus has affected many tech companies to provide free services to applications, especially some Collaborative applications for teamworkBecause many people are forced to from home. right now, Engadget report It's not just free teamwork apps. The two companies provide musicians and music enthusiasts with free access to their music production applications for a limited time. For iPhone users, Mini Model D Moog's synthesizer is now free. Although the app hasn't reached the crazy expensive price anyway [its previous price was $ 19.99], mobile music producers will really appreciate the gesture. The application is actually a mobile version of the world's first portable synthesizer, launched around 1970. The MinimoogModel D application provides a wide range of features, including more than 160 presets, up to 4 note polyphony [simultaneous lines of different melody] and sound effects. However, it is not available in the Google Play store.

On the other hand, Android users do not return empty-handed. For them, Korg Kaossilator Free app now. The price of the app is usually around $ 20. The free download is valid until March 20th, and the sale of the same app for iOS users will end on March 31st. It can provide playable sounds by tapping or tapping the screen, 150 built-in sounds, and real-time control of music made through the app, similar to a DJ experience.

Overall, as more and more people start working remotely and spend most of their time at home to limit the spread of the virus, more and more technology companies are beginning to adapt to the challenging times.

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