Mozilla Firefox 100 was released for desktop and Android Tuesday, May 3rd. With this update, Mozilla has introduced several new features, fixes, and changes. The Firefox web browser now supports subtitles/subtitles in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. Subtitles will now automatically appear in picture-in-picture mode if you have them turned on in the in-page video player. This feature is now also supported on websites that use the WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format, such as

Mozilla has introduced a ton of in its 100th version of the browser. Several new video playback features have been to the Firefox browser. Mac users running macOS 11+ can now enjoy HDR video streaming on YouTube. Additionally, -accelerated AV1 video decoding can now be enabled GPU-enabled Windows systems. Additionally, video overlay has been enabled for Intel GPUs on Windows, which promises to reduce power consumption during video playback.

There are also some new language support features. Firefox is now programmed to give users the option to change the browser language if the browser language does not the system language when opened after a fresh install. The developers have also additional languages ​​to the Firefox spell check feature.

With the release of the 100th version, Mozilla has also made some improvements to the interface. The link indicator has been changed to a solid blue line instead of a dashed line to improve its visibility. an option to allow users to choose their preferred color scheme for the website. There have also been some tweaks that are believed to improve the performance of the volume slider Twitch.

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This Firefox update also brings some security fixes and general performance improvements.

Mozilla notes that Firefox 100 may not work properly on some websites, possibly due to its new three-digit version number. It has shared a workaround if users encounter such issues.