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Nintendo Switch will be launched next week Mouse craftIs said to be a fusion Tetris with Lemming.

Described as a "from A to B" puzzle game, MouseCraft players are helping a crazy cat scientist named Schrödinger complete his own mysterious, mouse-driven invention. You need to stack Tetromino bricks to form a path for rats, collect collectibles and fight enemies on the way.

There are a total of 80 levels to explore [obviously providing a total of about 6-10 hours of game time], including four different locations and a wide variety of bricks, dangers and enemies. Here is the list of features:

Game main features:
-Experience a mix of two classic game mechanics: Stack Tetromino blocks to create a path for as many mice as possible.
-Discover the epic story of a crazy cat scientist who is to unearth the potential of mysterious, mouse-driven machines.
-Use different types of blocks to overcome obstacles, overcome and collect collectibles, whether they are explosive, fragile or jelly.
-Prove your stacking skills in your own style-Freeze the game by using the "active pause" feature, or increase the speed at any time.

The game will be released on February 27 and can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop for $ 9.99.

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